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What is The Community Foundation of the Plock Region?

What is The Community Foundation of the Plock Region?

The Community Foundation „Mlodzi Razem” is an independent non-governmental organization. It has operated since 2002 for the community of Plock county, surrounding communes and the city of Plock. The principal aim of the Foundation is the activity for civilization promotion and the life quality improvement of the Plock Region and surroundings community by financing activities within the scope of education, culture, social matters, sports, ecology, tourism, etc.
The Foundation has been established by representatives of the local county government, public institutions, non-governmental organizations and individuals in order to integrate the so far spread actions of institutions and organizations, which for years have been coordinating various pro-grammes for the youth.
Wide participation of various Foundation subjects such as local government, non-governmental organizations, companies, makes a direction for institutional stability.

One of the aims of the Foundation is to look for and support positive initiatives of the youth, as well as find and educate the young leaders, who will actively work for their local community.
In our activities we encourage the youth to create their own programmes, which can help them make their own dreams come true. We work in the fields of art and education by organizing out-door art classes and offering the youth trainings and workshops teaching them how to plan and raise funds for the realization of their aims.
The Foundation joined the Polish Community Foundation Network, which works for strengthening local communities in Poland. We significantly enlarged the capital endowment, which is currently of over 135 thousand PLN. We coordinated several regional programmes, engaging in our actions about 2 thousand young people.
We would like to greatly thank all those who help us achieve our predetermined goals.

Community for which we work
The Plock region is situated in the northwest of Mazovia. Most of the population practises subsi-stence agriculture.
We are aware that particularly in villages and small towns there is a lack of information about after school programme activities and useful ways of spending free time. Therefore we undertake ac-tions addressed to the youth, giving them a chance to realize their own ideas and find themselves in new roles. We teach local initiative and responsibility.
It is very important for non-governmental organizations to cooperate with local government, com-panies and other organizations to create local partnership and convince communities that there are a lot of people and institutions willing to join the programmes conducted in their surroundings.

An important factor in the susteinable development of social organizations is organizational expan-ding of cooperation paths with representatives of companies, local authorities and other organiza-tions.
With the favour of the local authorities we can count on the increasing prestige, which helps us to exploit means gained from private companies of the county and its surroundings to the higher de-gree.
Through the cooperation with the local government, which actively supports our activity we can analyse resources and needs of the inhabitants and the youth in the area of Plock county. While organizing and taking part in festivities and other celebrations, such as Powiatowe Dni Ziemi (co-unty culture festival), Dozynki Gminne (commune harvest festival), we promote activity and the mission of the Foundation and encourage county inhabitants to take active part in competitions and thematic workshops. Additionally, our important partners include culture centres, sports clubs, day care centres, non-governmental organizations and schools, because firstly they gather up yo-ung people, who are our main target, animators, who can inspire and take care of the groups of young people, and secondly have at their disposal space for conducting various social activities.