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Programmes for the community of Plock Region
„The Development of the Community Foundation – toward a sustainable future”

The Community Foundation of the Plock Region „Mlodzi Razem” in the partnership with Regional Centre of Ecological Education in Plock conducts a project „The Development of the Community Foundation –toward a sustainable future”.
The aim of the programme is to strengthen and support the organizational structure and compe-tence of the Partners forming the Foundation. We are working for the youth from villages and small towns of the Plock Region to become more independent, creative and responsible citizens through the education, engaging them directly in the development and coordination of various social initiatives and also teaching them local initiative.
For that reason the target of our project are the representatives of The Partnership of Community Foundation „Mlodzi Razem”- project coordinators, non-governmental organizations managers re-sponsible for financial management, employees responsible for raising funds, employees of government administration and our programme partners, teachers, employees of culture centres, day care centres, representatives of government administration- animators of social activities.

Within the framework of the project the trainings were carried out within the scope of the following:

- communication,
- local partnership formation,
- fundraising,
- the activity of community foundations in Poland - examples.

Moreover, the programme included trainings for the youth and people working with them. The main aim of the trainings was to organize a sensible, open and showing practical advantages de-bate between grown-ups and the youth and encourage them to conduct further activities, such as:
to work out effective rules for the cooperation between the youth and grown-ups,
to make grown-ups adopt innovative approach to the matter of working with the youth, consider-ing new solutions, not only after school clubs or sports clubs traditionally conducted at schools and culture centres;
to make the youth release their ingenuity and wish to undertake challenges, to learn them how to plan and make their ideas come true.

Finding and discussing the features of the youth and grown-ups was an important element of the workshops. It lead to a fierce discussion and exchanging views on the advantages and disadvanta-ges of both groups. Thanks to this debate the participants realized what they still have to learn to cooperate peacefully.
The workshops showed that all this can be achieved thanks to animating and organizing of inter-generation discussion between the youth and grown-ups.
In effect 22 initiatives conducted by young leaders has been established.

Pracownia Umiejetnosci („Skill Workroom”)
The crucial problem of villages and small towns is in the lack of after school programme activities and useful ways of spending free time. The programme Pracownia Umiejetnosci (“Skill Workro-om”) is the answer to these needs. It is addressed to the youth of the age between 15 and 24.
The aim of this programme is for the groups of young people to obtain social competence, such as the skill of group work, communication, responsibility and independence, by conducting their own projects compatible with their interests and expectations and also the needs of their local commu-nities.
The experience shows that this is an effective method of stimulating youth’s activity.
We conducted workshops and outdoor art classes for the youth, which are a good opportunity for the young people to meet, exchange their experiences, learn how to negotiate and make them sensitive to social problems.
Every year we conduct programmes addressed to the youth working with non-governmental orga-nizations, local government units or schools.

Agrafka Muzyczna (“Musical Safety-pin”)
For two years we have been successfully conducting a scholarship programme “Agrafka Muzyczna (“Musical Safety-pin”). It is a nationwide programme for the musically gifted youth from level I and II schools of music. Within a framework of the programme they receive financial, educational and promotional support in taking part in concerts, broadcasts, recording sessions.

Integracyjne Mazowsze (“Integrational Mazovia”)
The aim of the project is to increase the activity of small local communities through the various cultural, educational and stimulating activity workshops. It engages the members of small commu-nities in actions aiming at increasing development and educational chances of children and youth from rural areas.
The element s of the project:
workshops for the youth and people working with them
educational workshops and outdoor art classes
events prepared with the help of the youth (community and integration performances)
study tour to centres located in the eastern Mazovia region.

The project created an opportunity for the youth to come to know new fields of culture and art, methods of integrated teamwork and intergeneration communication. The tours allowed them to realize the differences between neighbouring regions, meet new people and their passions.

Partnership initiatives
The Community Foundation in cooperation with The Youth Firefighting Team in Radzanowo con-ducts a project “What to do when...”, financed by Polish National Agency of the European YOUTH Programme.
The project is orientated towards the youth from the communes of Radzanowo, Mala Wies, Slup-no, Sanniki and Plock, who have actively participated in the pre-medical first aid trainings.
The aim of the training is to make the participants realize that it is necessary to help the needy in the life hazard situation. It makes it easier to overcome the fear and learn how to help in the events taking place `in the street`, `at home` and at work’.

Our Partners and Donors;
- The Academy For The Development Of Philanthropy In Poland
- Polska Telefonia Cyfrowa Sp. z o.o., the Operator of the ERA and HEYAH networks
- Ministry of Labour and Social Policy within the framework of FIO
- Foundation for the Development of the Education System – Polish National Agency of the Europe-an YOUTH Programme
- Board of the Mazowieckie Voivodeship
- Foundation Cooperation Fund
- Central Finance and Contracts Unit – CFCU
- Starostwo Powiatowe in Plock (local government)
- ENERGA SA Division Plock. is a very important partner.


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